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Below are two "non-papers" on the future of the former NCPM building. They=
have no official status and are circulated purely to encourage and provoke=

The non-papers have been written in the context of proposals from the South=
Yorkshire Objective 1 Programme and Yorkshire Forward for a "creative=20
content hub" and the likelihood that this will require (in part) a=20
building-based solution.

The non-papers are close to the current thinking of a task group of the=20
Sheffield Cultural Industries Quarter Agency. Comments, additions,=20
amendments and critique are invited and encouraged. Comments (for public=20
view) can be sent to <ncpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

To receive comments and replies go to www.freelists.org/list/ncpm and=20
subscribe to the <ncpm> list or you can view the archives at=20


Non-paper A - Context and analysis

1. Sheffield's CIQ is already a creative content hub.

Evidenced by creative content venues including Showroom Cinema, Site=20
Gallery, Leadmill, Republic. Creative industries companies in the=20
Workstation and Science Park. Training and access opportunities at Red=20
Tape, Sheffield Independent Film, Site Gallery, Northern Media School,=20
Commedia Sheffield, Redundant Technology Initiative. Strategic support=20
agencies such as CIQA, Inspiral, YMPA, CMA.

=B7 Other locations only partially provide this mix

Traditional arts venues are to be found around Tudor Square including=20
Graves Gallery, Crucible and  Lyceum Theatres. Devonshire Quarter has=20
creative retail but is a mainly night-time leisure economy and lacks a=20
production base. Only the CIQ combines learning, production, strategic=20
support and leisure.

=B7 But more investment is needed in the CIQ

Building based development has been slow due to funding and ownership=20
issues. There has been little growth in the leisure economy and, with=20
notable exceptions (Republic, Brown Street, Sound Control), leisure and=20
retail enterprises have not been drawn to the area. Pressure of space and=20
rent has created a churn of smaller creative enterprises setting up but=20
then moving on. There is a need for more low cost workspace, seed bed units=
and incentives for new enterprise including leisure economy entrepreneurs.

=B7 And past failures need to be addressed

A flagship public investment initiative, the NCPM, failed as a visitor=20
attraction and now lies largely empty and unused at the heart of the CIQ.=20
As the iconic building at the heart of the CIQ it desperately needs a=20
regenerative solution and one which is linked to public use and creative=20

2. A creative content hub needs a physical centre

A hub whose purpose is to promote and develop South Yorkshire as a leading=
centre for creative content must have a physical location in the region as=
well as a powerfully branded virtual presence. This should include a=20
distinctive building-based solution for the provision of location-based=20
activities such as trade exhibitions and conferences, cultural and other=20
public events, workshops and forums.

=B7 Supporting creative production and performance

The physical hub should bring content direct to audiences through=20
programmes of live performance and demonstration. It should support=20
creative production by providing access to open content and commercial=20
library material and it should showcase the best creative content from the=
region. It should build strong links with learning institutions and leading=
edge technical solutions providers.

=B7 Linked to multiple distributive platforms

A physical hub must be outward looking to regional, national and=20
international audiences. It should be a network and communications centre=20
providing access to broadcast and narrow-cast platforms including radio and=
television, video conferencing, broadband Internet, cable and satellite. It=
should build strong national and international partnerships with other=20
communicative creative content hubs.

3. The NCPM building is the only short term solution

Although hub activities may be spread across physical and virtual spaces it=
needs a distinctive centre in the CIQ. The NCPM is the only available=20
building that fits the requirements in the short term. Other solutions=20
would require new building work. In addition to being more expensive this=20
would risk the same mistake that plagued the original NCPM of leaving too=20
little time and money to invest in content.


Non-paper B - Towards a vision and strategy

1. Outline concept

- a regional creative content centre
- a flagship centre for the CIQ
- for public use and public benefit
- showcasing digital and media arts
- with cultural and educational activities
- including live performance

2. Content

- cultural conferences and events
- digital content exhibitions
- multimedia production studios
- digital media archive
- digital cinema
- public bar and cybercafe
- digital media enterprise units
- on-line learning showcase
- live music and sound art
- computer games zone
- arts and media workshops
- product launches and demos
- community media centre

3. Local contributions

- Showroom Cinema - digital cinema, conference bookings, bar, caf=E9
- Paternoster Limited - property and tenant management services
- Red Tape Studios - music-based digital sound training and production
- Sheffield Independent Film - film and video training and facilities
- Lovebytes Digital Arts - multimedia and interactive content, festival
- Commedia Sheffield - media training, production and broadcast centre
- BTV - digital arts festival, new media content
- Modal - international music industry festival

4. Potential private partnerships

- Telewest - cable, local TV, broadband
- BT - broadband, video on demand
- other telcos and mobile phone cos
- software games companies
- e-learning companies
- open source software cos
- hospitality management cos
- music and multimedia cos
- film and broadcasting cos

5. Mechanisms

- a locally led development group
- external advisors and private partners
- investment in building improvements
- a content investment fund (linked to YMPA)
- an incentive fund for festivals and events
- incentives for inward investors and private backers

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