[ncpm] !!Free speech suppressed in South Yorkshire!!

  • From: "Joy Slave" <joyslave@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 10:19:14 +0000

The www.yf-sucks.org.uk site was pulled - what finer praise can a parody 
website have?

>Dear blueyonder customer,

>It has been brought to our attention that the pwp webspace registered > to 
>this account is being used for a site that has caused offence to a > third 
>party, against the terms and conditions of service.

>We have removed access to the content.


>Blueyonder Security and Abuse Team.

So, the site must have 'pushed someone's buttons'.  If it didn't hit home 
then it could be easily ignored, n'est ce pas?

This has been sent to Blueyonder.  Could've done better but time, time...

>this account is being used for a site that has caused offence to a
>third party, against the terms and conditions of service.

Please explain further.

The site that was hosted in the pwp webspace was not intended to cause any 
offence to anybody so if you can inform me which parts or sections of the 
site have caused particular offence then I will ask the site designer to 
remove them.

The site designer took particular care not to use:

(a) any names of any real individuals
(b) any names of any real organisations
(c) any original text or graphics from any third party website.

I therefore do not see how it is possible to cause offence to a fictional 
person or fictional entity.  In fact, the site hosted in the pwp webspace 
was basically written as a work of satirical political fiction to supplement 
a pressure group campaign that is currently running in Sheffield.

A little background - the "Pride In Sheffield" campaign has been running 
since October to highlight the potential sale of Sheffield's National Centre 
for Popular Music (NCPM) to a local University for the use as a Student 
Union building.  This is a public building paid for with £15 million of 
Lottery money and will probably be sold to the University for £1.8 million.  
A regional re-development agency - which is unaccountable to taxpayers or 
voters - is looking favourably at this particular proposal.  The NCPM 
building is an iconic building situated in the heart of Sheffield's 
"Cultural Industries Quarter" - an area reserved for creative and artistic 
businesses and endeavours.  "Pride In Sheffield" disagrees with the 
potential change of use of the building - no more than that.

The "Pride In Sheffield" campaign operates a mailing list and the archives 
are viewable here - http://www.freelists.org/archives/ncpm/.  The campaign 
also has the support of some local MP's and councillors, celebrities, the 
designers of the building and many local people who live and work in 
Sheffield.  There is also a website here: 

The website hosted with blueyonder was part of a humourous attempt to draw 
attention to the situation.  A disclaimer page supporting the site explained 
that the site should be seen as a caricature of a number of characters 
involved in the story - including the "Pride In Sheffield" campaigners 
themselves.  The domain name - www.yf-sucks.org.uk - is part of the Internet 
tradition of saying "so-and-so sucks" when disagreeing with a faceless, 
monolithic entity i.e. www.microsoftsucks.com, www.aolsucks.org and so on.  
I coudn't find a 'Blueyonder sucks' page but found this interesting lampoon 
of Windows XP that blueyonder are hosting: 
http://www.markyp1963z.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk - I hope that you now don't take 
this site down.

Satire and caricature have long been part of the canon of British political 
comment and currently find their expression in TV programmes such as "Have I 
Got News For You" and publications like "Private Eye" magazine.  Open any UK 
newspaper on any day of the week and you will find statements that are 
critical of those who have been charged with looking after our interests - 
it is not offensive to disagree with the political situation.

I could go on but I think that I have made my point reasonably clear.  This 
is a real-life David and Goliath story and, to continue with the metaphor, 
Goliath has asked an innocent bystander to step in and take David's 
slingshot away.  The regional re-development agency has countless staff and 
a budget of millions.  All we have who are campaigning for a better 
Sheffield are our wits, our numbers and our spirit.

>We have removed access to the content.

Please advise me of which parts of the content should be removed, if 
necessary, so that we can get this site reinstated.


Let see what happens now...

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