[ncpm] Conspiracy!!Free speech suppressed in South Yorkshire!!

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have we got a real live conspiracy on ...


>The www.yf-sucks.org.uk site was pulled - what finer praise can a parody
>website have?
>>Dear blueyonder customer,
>>It has been brought to our attention that the pwp webspace registered > to
>>this account is being used for a site that has caused offence to a > third
>>party, against the terms and conditions of service.
>>We have removed access to the content.
>>Blueyonder Security and Abuse Team.
>So, the site must have 'pushed someone's buttons'.  If it didn't hit home
>then it could be easily ignored, n'est ce pas?
>This has been sent to Blueyonder.  Could've done better but time, time...
>>this account is being used for a site that has caused offence to a
>>third party, against the terms and conditions of service.
>Please explain further.
>The site that was hosted in the pwp webspace was not intended to cause any
>offence to anybody so if you can inform me which parts or sections of the
>site have caused particular offence then I will ask the site designer to
>remove them.
>The site designer took particular care not to use:
>(a) any names of any real individuals
>(b) any names of any real organisations
>(c) any original text or graphics from any third party website.
>I therefore do not see how it is possible to cause offence to a fictional
>person or fictional entity.  In fact, the site hosted in the pwp webspace
>was basically written as a work of satirical political fiction to supplemen=
>a pressure group campaign that is currently running in Sheffield.
>A little background - the "Pride In Sheffield" campaign has been running
>since October to highlight the potential sale of Sheffield's National Centr=
>for Popular Music (NCPM) to a local University for the use as a Student
>Union building.  This is a public building paid for with =A315 million of
>Lottery money and will probably be sold to the University for =A31.8 millio=
>A regional re-development agency - which is unaccountable to taxpayers or
>voters - is looking favourably at this particular proposal.  The NCPM
>building is an iconic building situated in the heart of Sheffield's
>"Cultural Industries Quarter" - an area reserved for creative and artistic
>businesses and endeavours.  "Pride In Sheffield" disagrees with the
>potential change of use of the building - no more than that.
>The "Pride In Sheffield" campaign operates a mailing list and the archives
>are viewable here - http://www.freelists.org/archives/ncpm/.  The campaign
>also has the support of some local MP's and councillors, celebrities, the
>designers of the building and many local people who live and work in
>Sheffield.  There is also a website here:
>The website hosted with blueyonder was part of a humourous attempt to draw
>attention to the situation.  A disclaimer page supporting the site explaine=
>that the site should be seen as a caricature of a number of characters
>involved in the story - including the "Pride In Sheffield" campaigners
>themselves.  The domain name - www.yf-sucks.org.uk - is part of the Interne=
>tradition of saying "so-and-so sucks" when disagreeing with a faceless,
>monolithic entity i.e. www.microsoftsucks.com, www.aolsucks.org and so on.
>I coudn't find a 'Blueyonder sucks' page but found this interesting lampoon
>of Windows XP that blueyonder are hosting:
>http://www.markyp1963z.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk - I hope that you now don't tak=
>this site down.
>Satire and caricature have long been part of the canon of British political
>comment and currently find their expression in TV programmes such as "Have =
>Got News For You" and publications like "Private Eye" magazine.  Open any U=
>newspaper on any day of the week and you will find statements that are
>critical of those who have been charged with looking after our interests -
>it is not offensive to disagree with the political situation.
>I could go on but I think that I have made my point reasonably clear.  This
>is a real-life David and Goliath story and, to continue with the metaphor,
>Goliath has asked an innocent bystander to step in and take David's
>slingshot away.  The regional re-development agency has countless staff and
>a budget of millions.  All we have who are campaigning for a better
>Sheffield are our wits, our numbers and our spirit.
>>We have removed access to the content.
>Please advise me of which parts of the content should be removed, if
>necessary, so that we can get this site reinstated.
>Let see what happens now...
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