[ncpm] CIQ Dis-Connected

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:04:12 -0800 (PST)

There's a flyer doing the rounds relating to the CIQ Connected event at The 
Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield on the 13th March from 5:30pm - 8:00pm. 
 It reads as below with my annotations in [square brackets]...

"You are invited to the launch of the CIQ Townscape Heritage Initiative [1] and 
the CIQ Agency's second annual review of physical regeneration and investment 
[2] in the Cultural Industries Quarter and surrounding areas.

The event will demonstrate the connectivity of developments [3] within South 
Yorkshire's creative and digital cluster [4] both virtually and physically [5]. 
 Developments covered include Sheaf Square, Sheffield Station, Colombia Place, 
Scotia Works and Shoreham Street Gateway...[6]

The evening will also mark the first release of 'CIQ UNCOVERED' (CD Rom) [7].  
An ongoing project charting the history and growth [8] of the area now know 
[sic] [9] as the Cultural Industries Quarter from the 17th Century to the 21st.

You will have the opportunity for informal discussion and networking over 
drinks and refreshments.[10]"

[1] "CIQ Townscape Heritage Initiative" - they seem to have omitted the words 
'lack' and 'of' before 'initiative'...

[2] "physical regeneration and investment" - oh, pur-lease...

[3] Will they be demonstrating the "connectivity of decline" too?

[4] "creative and digital cluster" - what on earth is that?

[5] "virtually and physically" - come again?

[6] "...and Shoreham Street Gateway..." - eh?  And this flyer makes it sound as 
if the CIQA commissioned these 'initiatives' themselves...as if!

[7] 'CIQ UNCOVERED' (CD Rom) - no doubt made with the full (and uncensored) 
collaboration of Spearmint Rhino...

[8] "charting the history and growth" - decline and fall, more like it...

[9] Yet again, a lack of attention to detail, I'm afraid...

[10] And the cost to the taxpayer is...?

The flyer is emblazoned with a number of agencies backing this 'initiative' 
from the European Union to Objective 1 - so yet more public money wasted, it 
would appear.

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