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There are lots of reasons for the problems with club nights and venues at
the moment, some of which are as follows:
1. the market has changed significantly over the past few years, with more
people choosing not to hammer it like they used to (this may be due to age,
music, drugs, etc. etc. but is the reality);
2. the cost of promotion has increased enormously due to the Council
treatment of flyposters, and the Space contract for legitimate sites;
3. the licensing of more and more late bars, some of them including music
and djs etc., making it less attractive to pay cover charges to venues for a
short time;
4. the home office legislation on public performance, the police rules on
public order and the health and safely legislation on consumption of food
and beverage, in addition to fire regs. building regs. noise pollution,and
so on have all added to the burden of running club nights, much of this is
caused by national and EU law, and is not within local control;
5. the cost of collecting the litter from outside clubs (when people throw
away the fliers) is now charged to the club;
6. students have less money due to changes in funding higher education with
a mixture of loans, grants and paid work;

I am sure that any of you who are directly involved can add to this list.

There IS an issue about venues both in Sheffield and across the region.
There IS an issue with cultural entrepreneurship, and the lack of useful
help and support. There IS an issue about the lack of understanding of the
benefits that a vibrant cultural city can bring to the economy.

However, it is important that we do not simply attack because we are pissed
off, angry and frustrated at the powers that be. The reality is complicated,
messy, and does not lend itself to a quick fix. Lots of my clients are
promoters and venues and although 'club nights' are closing (and indeed have
always opened and closed regularly, with the rare exception of some longlife
stars, which are now monthly or less), and this process is being
accelerated, this is as much to do with market forces as being 'forced' out.

It would be a good start to doing something about this if the venues and
promoters in the city, all of them big and small, actually got together and
agreed to speak with some authority and credibility on behalf of the sector.
That has never happened.


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>Me thinks somebody up there is very scared especially
>if they have to suppress freedom of speech as well as
>keep everything behind closed doors.


Is anybody tracking the amount of club nights that are being forced to

Very powerful ammunition for demonstrating the case for solid support for
cultural entrepreneurship.

Thanks for letting us know.

Best; Andy.

>I am on the XL newsletter list and just got this on it
>"Due to a lack of quality venues in and around
>Sheffield, XL is finally shutting up shop as a regular
>monthly event. Since the closer of the National Centre
>for Popular Music we have struggled to find a venue
>equal to it. "
>I also know that nights like Sunday Sessions and Fairy
>Likuid have also struggled with venues.  Dear I say
>that I thought Yorkshire Forward were meant to be
>about the economic regeneration of the region.  Seems
>to be a strange way of going about it.
>Also followed the link for
>and the page has been temporarily disabled!!!
>Interesting especially as I hear on the grapevine that
>the powers that be were very upset by it and were
>trying to track it down in order to find out who was
>behind it and close it down.

>I suppose that means we must be doing something right.
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