[ncolug] Re: Remote network monitoring

  • From: Mike <bellyacres@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncolug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 11:56:29 -0400

On 05/28/10 11:10, Ken Allen wrote:
> Ok, I like this idea, but is there a way to take this one step further?
> Can some type of flag be set so that we don't get tons of emails every
> minute until we clear the flag?
> Ken
> On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 12:51 AM, nor thern <zboson2003@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:zboson2003@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/gnokii-smsd
>     http://wiki.gnokii.org/index.php/User's_Guide
>     <http://wiki.gnokii.org/index.php/User%27s_Guide>
>     echo"This is a test message"  | gnokii --sendsms +12345678
> http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/3345/send-a-signed-and-encrypted-email-from-the-command-line
>     echo "SECRET MESSAGE" | gpg -e --armor -s | sendmail USER@xxxxxxxxxx
>     <mailto:USER@xxxxxxxxxx>
>     cron job .
> netstat every 60 seconds; cut field and grep for network down message to
>     be sent to gnokii and sendmail using tee.

I know there are plenty of shell examples of something like this out there. If the program doesn't have an option of sending something on a set time you'll probably have to build it yourself. I've done this in the past by creating a file either with the timestamp as the name or its contents containing a timestamp. The format of the timestamp and frequency of the messages is something that you will have to devise.

I have to gather that this only pertains to the wireless network and a connection to the world is still assumed? Otherwise the whole thing is an exercise in futility. If it does have a connection to the world, what then determines that the wireless is down and not the net connection?


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