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  • From: Mike <bellyacres@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 11:59:05 -0500

On 05/28/11 12:16, Chuck Stickelman wrote:
I've danced around this very thing for some time now...  I remember
before AJAX people were telling me this could not be done.  Today I am
SURE it CAN be done, I just don't have the skills...

I sure would like to hear if anyone else has some ideas...


Wow, my mail folder for NCOLUG is dorked or something. I just discovered, rather inadvertently that I has only see about 3 posts to this list since 5/11 or earlier. D'oh

Anyway I've done this...

I probably have the code/files somewhere. From memory the most painful part is creating the pdf file. You need a graphics person capable of listing to you or have them design the form then setup the entry fields yourself. This does require Acrobat, I've not looked recently but in a long search I never came up with anything capable of creating a pdf form that worked. Scribus has the ability, yet I was never able to make it work. Perhaps this was a lack of knowledge on my part.

The just of what I did was to create the form. Save to data to an xdf file. Then when it was called up to be viewed by a user a pdf tool was used to merge the form and data. Essentially presenting the user with a "new" pdf everytime because the pdfs w/ data were not stored. The name of the too eludes me right now, but I can find it if needed. Runs on Linux and Winders, or did at the time.

The biggest issue I see it that I created the pdf that the user requested via a webserver. The ability to pull in the data on a standalone machine would probably require some clever programming tricks. Not saying it isn't doable, it ain't gonna be easy though...


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