NCIS E-Newsletter: The Future of NCIS - We will still be here for you!

  • From: Kassandra L Hill <khill2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:35:36 -0600

Dear NCIS Users and other colleagues,

It is official.  The NCIS staff received a letter from Richard Katt, 
Director of Nebraska Career Education (NCE), stating that the Nebraska 
Department of Education (NDE) will no longer provide grant support for 

In place of the support for NCIS, the NDE will be providing support for 
the Nebraska Career Management System (NCMS) which is powered by the 
information, sorts, and website developed by

Katt met with the NCIS Advisory Board to respond to questions and provide 
additional information about the NMCS.  A pilot version will be available 
in January, 2006.  (I have learned that some ESUs are asking for sites to 
pilot and review this version.)  The fully developed version is to be 
available in the fall of 2006.  Katt indicated that the site is to be free 
and that state and local data as well as statewide training would be 
provided by Kuder.

On a positive note, Katt indicated that districts could continue to use 
Perkins dollars for any career planning programs and tools they choose.

NCIS is going to continue operations and plans to be providing services 
for the children and adults in this state for a very long time.  We have 
sufficient funding to operate to spring, 2007, without additional infusion 
of funds (grants, increased fees, etc.)  We will be developing a different 
business model with assistance from other CIS states.  In addition, 
intoCareers, who contracts to do programming and provides server space for 
CIS, will be very helpful during this transition period.

NCIS is developing side-by-side comparisons of content and functions in 
CIS for Internet and NCMS.  If this information would be helpful during 
your district's decision making process, please contact us and we will 
provide it for you.  Also, if there is any other information or documents 
that would be helpful, let us know.  A pilot site for the NCMS is 
available to review at

Thank you so very much for your support for NCIS, but, more importantly, 
for your support for career education and planning for children and adults 
in this state.

Nebraska Career Information System
421 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE  68588-0552

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