Karl Perkins Legislation

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Senators Burns (R-MT), Clinton (D-NY), Collins (R-ME) and Durbin (D-IL) 
are circulating a âdear colleagueâ letter to their colleagues asking for 
their support in protesting the Presidentâs request for the elimination of 
funding for vocational technical education.  Once the signatures are 
collected, the letter will be sent to the Chairman and Ranking Member of 
the Senate Budget Committee.    
Impact on Occupational and Employment Information 
Determining funding is a two-step process.  First, the Budget Committee 
sets funding ceilings for broad functions.  The funding ceilings for each 
functional area are transmitted to the Appropriations Committee to divide 
among individual programs.  If you think of the entire federal budget as a 
pie, Occupational and Employment Information and other education programs 
fall under a slice called Function 500.   The larger the Function 500 
piece of pie is, the more funding that can be provided to specific 
programs such as vocational education, job training and health care. 
Conversely, the smaller the slice of pie, the less money there will be for 
individual programs. 
The Presidentâs budget that was released in January would cut Function 500 
programs by nearly $5 billion.  Additionally, the budget also contains a 
specific recommendation for the elimination of vocational-technical 
education including Occupational and Employment Information.  While not 
binding, it does send a clear message to the Republican Leadership that 
education, workforce development and human service programs are not a 
priority for this Administration.    
The bi-partisan dear colleague letter would counteract that message by 
clearly stating the vocational-technical education IS a priority for the 
Senate and that the Budget Committee should consider it a priority when 
creating funding limits for Function 500. 
The fact that this effort is bi-partisan is extremely important!  However, 
we need to get every Senator possible to sign on to this letter.   

Be a Five Minute Advocate:     
Please take the following four steps to help ensure funding for 
vocational-technical education. 
1.      Contact your senators (other than Burns, Collins, Durbin and 
Clinton) this week. 
Call and ask to speak to the staffer who handles funding for vocational 
Hagel--202.224.4224         Nelson--202.224.6551 

Or fax a letter to the senator. 
Hagel--202.224.5214          Nelson--202.228.0012 

Or send an email. 

2.      Let the Senator know that you are a constituent and that you are 
extremely concerned about the Presidentâs recommended cuts to education 
and workforce development programs, especially vocational-technical 
education (Perkins).     

3.      Explain what is funded in your district with the monies from the 
Perkins Vocational-Technical Education Act and that it is imperative that 
the Budget Committee preserve funding for this critical program. 

4.      Request that the Senator sign on to the âDear Colleagueâ letter in 
support of vocational-technical education. 
For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the 
Burns-Clinton-Collins-Durbin dear colleague letter and the solicitation 
letter being sent to the Senators asking for their support. 
The Senators listen to the input from constituents and specific examples 
of the impact of funding changes are very helpful in getting support. Five 
to ten contacts tends to get the Senators' attention; however, fifteen or 
more contacts tend to get response and action. 

I have attached copies of the Dear Colleague letter that is being 
circulated and a sample of the letter that Senators Hagel and Nelson can 
send to the Senate Budget Committee Chairs. 

If you have any questions, please call or email and I will try to answer 
your questions.  Schools budgets are being squeezed from all levels of 
government; hopefully we can get some changes in the squeeze at the 
Federal level. 


Dr LeeAnn Roth
Nebraska Career Information System
421 Nebraska Hall
PO Box 880552
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68588-0552

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