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Dear all,

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend tomorrow.  I hope the meeting
goes well.

We have been making increasing use of Geogebra within the Further Maths
Network recently and it would be good to share this at a future meeting.



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See you at 12.30 Sunday. I've arranged to meet with Paul at 12.15 on
and have a room in Caius Sunday evening. Don't know whether you'd be
for some lunch on Monday with Paul?

Chris Pritchard, who edits Maths in School, has agreed to publish my
paper in MiS. An article I wrote for Scotland will be published in

See you Sunday.


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> Dear Colleagues,
> There is a slight change in the meeting point. Homerton College wanted
> ask 58pounds/hour for a room so I had to find an alternative. So we
> meet in Trumpington House, which is only 50 metres away. It is exactly

> behind the Faculty of Education. There is an entrance with a gate 
> approximately 20 metres before you reach the Faculty. Markus and I
will be 
> standing there from 12pm and open the gate for you if you arrive by
> We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
> Kind regards,
> Zsolt
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