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Dear Kathryn,

I will write to NAMA if it is OK with you. I hope that they distribute cards.

I hope that you had a good day :)

With very best wishes,


Kathryn PEAKE wrote:
Hi Zsolt,

I too have just looked on the NAMA website, and discovered that I know one of 
the executive - so I have emailed her! (assuming her email hasn't changed, as 
it is a while since I was in touch with her)

Here is a better link to the meeting details: 

Back to work now - planning to use GeoGebra to introduce complex numbers and 
demonstrate solving modulus equations and inequalities tomorrow (not in the 
same lesson!)

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Dear Kathryn,

I did not find the NAMA meetign on the website. But, I found the NAMA
website. There are no details about the meeting. Possibly it would be
good to go to this meeting next year. Maybe someone from the group would
be interested to go here?

I am sorry that it took such a long time to get back to London. However,
  I am glad that at least you had some entertainment. :)

Thank you for the information!

Best wishes,



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