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I'd be happy to do workshops on calculus.


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Dear Friends,

I have just had a meeting with Sharon Tripconey from the Further Mathematics Support Programme, which is supported by the Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) and funded by DCFS.

The FMSP is interested in offering GeoGebra professional development for teachers in England. They already has a capacity to deliver CPD both physical and on-line, but according to Sharon they miss the expertise in GeoGebra. It would be a possibility to develop teaching materials and CPD courses for KS-5 and Further Maths (and it could be extended to KS-4 and AS Maths through MEI). If you were interested in participating in this development that would be great and afterwards in the delivery/support of these course both on-line and face-to-face.

According to Sharon FMSP could support the development of these materials and delivering of these courses would be paid for presenters (the courses are self funded by teachers and presenters are paid from this money). Also, we could develop research projects around this development and apply funding (probably from government agencies, ESRC, NCETM or other funding bodies, FMSP could advise us for possibilities for funding applications) for doing research both on the development and delivery of these CPD courses.

If you have interest being involved in this, have recommendations or ideas please let us know and we can go further in this area. It would be definitely a good step forward getting GeoGebra known and used in England.

All best wishes,


ps: if you know anyone who might want to be involved in this please also let us know

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