[ncetm-geogebra] Fwd: NCETM East of England Regional Update, August 2009

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Dear Friends,

We hope that you had a pleasant summer! Markus has just returned to Europe and we will meet and discuss further projects soon. Certainly, we will keep you updated and hope that you will participate in further GeoGebra projects.

NCETM has announced a new round of small funding £2000 (details are below), if you are interested applying we will give all support you need. Mark Dawes has successfully received such a grant in July.

NCETM also has a primary and secondary magazine. You might be interested writing some articles in them about GeoGebra (details below).

As you may already know the GeoGebra conference was very successful in Linz. We had 135 participants, from 35 countries. Reports of working groups will be published sometime in October. Since then, many enthusiastic people has started organising conferences for next year. So, it is likely that there will be GeoGebra conferences next year in Istanbul, Spain, New York, Buenos Aires, South Africa... We will have announcements about it.

The deadline for submitting proposals to next year BCME is 30 September. Allison has already submitted some proposals, but you could do it as well:

You might be interested in signing up for the GeoGebra Facebook site where we are making announcements at least until the new website appears:

The first GeoGebra Institute has been established at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy:

It is great, hopefully there will be further institutes and it opens up work for future collaborations.

Also good news that GeoGebra is being installed on 276,000 laptops in Australia:

and GeoGebra has been nominated for the Tech Awards:

With very best wishes,


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Mathematical Knowledge Networks
The NCETM has just announced another ?round? of Mathematics Knowledge Networks (MKNs). Funding of up to £2000 is available. Bids have to be submitted by Friday 2nd October. For more information, go to the link above.

New on the portal
The new Primary Magazine has some excellent activities related to the beach Have a look at the Secondary Magazine, which has a focus on perfect numbers.

How often have you finished a lesson with a class and been burning to tell someone about an incident that had occurred? This innovative and unusual project has provided a group of volunteer teachers with a digital recorder in order that they can send us their ?instant? reflections. Listen to ?As the bell goes?.

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