[NCCIA Members] NC CIA conference follow-up

  • From: "ROSEANN THOMAS" <THOMASR@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <nccia@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 23:56:58 -0400

Dear CIA 2008 Attendees!!
Hope you all are settled after our conference. Did you have a great
time? Learn lotz?? Did you know there were 269 of us at Stanly!!
Okay, I have just a couple of follow-up items for you.
First, please complete the evaluation for us.
This is very important to make sure we are giving you a worthwhile
conference that you will want to attend again….in fact, in Raleigh next
year at Wake Tech, March 18-20, 2009.
Second, the best thing I ever get out of these conferences is the
networking.  I feel invigorated when I get back home (and tired!!) To
try to keep this communication going, we have added a wiki to the CIA
site.  Please visit and share with others here. Without your input it is
just another link. With your input, it can be a dynamic sharing of
information between the colleges. Think how much information would be
available if each of us were to share just one thing!
We already have information there from our Roundtable discussions,
listing of textbooks, favorite labs, and information on RHCT v5 exam
prep and remote labs. Please stop by and help make this effort a
While you are at the site, look at pictures from our conference this
year.  Do you see yourself?  Only a small fee for removing your photos!!
(Just kidding!)

Also, I wanted to share the following position changes with you:
●   Merlin Amirtharaj, Dean of the School of Business and Technology at
Stanly will be taking on the responsibilities of Scholarship
Chairperson. mamirtharaj52832@xxxxxxxxxx 
●   Trent Helms, Technology Instructor at Stanly, will be the CIT
Project Leader. thelms7768@xxxxxxxxxx 
●   Harry Bulbrook, Program Director/Instructor of Networking
Technologies, Information Systems Technology, will be the
Networking/Security Project Leader. bulbrookh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
●   Dr. Kai Wang, Department Head, Computer Programming, Database
Management, Simulation, and Game Development, will be Gaming
/Programming Project Leader. kwang@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Their task is to make sure your training needs are represented at the
next conference. Please let them know of anything you would like to see
at the next conference in your subject area. They are excited about
their positions and want to hear from you.
On behalf of the CIA Leadership Team, thank you for your involvement and
know we are all working for you.  Feel free to contact us with your
questions, comments and suggestions.

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