[nas-2000] Re: restart

  • From: Dennis Suchomsky <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 20:35:20 +0200

Yes, you are. Helps nothing.

maybe gpl-violations.org helps see this:
How can I help gpl-violations.org ?

Firstly by not reacting to a technical GPL violation in an extreme fashion. Secondly by checking the violation is indeed a violation.

Join the mailing lists, discuss issues there first. Be polite but firm when dealing with companies and remember that the goal is to ensure a company stops violating the GPL and does not violate it again, rather than to leave a smoking crater at the location of their HQ... at least not on the first offence.

Keep records of conversations with companies. Co-ordinate with others. A company faced with eight different stories will find it hard to deal with. A company faced with a single accurate information source can respond better.

Beware the "public shaming" bomb. It's easy to let off, but very hard to defuse if you made a mistake or the issue turned out to be minor and is rapidly resolved. In addition companies may become very defensive in such cases and decide to "tough it out". We want to build bridges and giving a company no way to avoid losing face hinders that, especially in certain cultures.

What can I do if I encounter a GPL violation?

The gpl-violations.org project keeps track of reported GPL violations in its internal request tracking system. If you want to report an alleged violation, please write to license-violation@gpl- violations.org, and make sure to ``enable --verbose mode'', i.e. include as much details as possible.

taken from http://gpl-violations.org/faq/violation-faq.html

Am 16.05.2007 20:19 Uhr schrieb "Julius Loman" unter <lomo@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 08:05:32PM +0200, philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
right I think they produce the hardware as well
yes, of course they do
i spoke to the sales guy and he told me, they normally don't give
sources except to partners.

i'm just curious - linux kernel is gpl-2 license which implies that
anyone who is using or extending the kernel must make the modification
public. am i correct ?

Julius Loman schrieb:
On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 07:20:48PM +0200, Aurel <massman@xxxxxxx> wrote:
One question: have you got any contact with raidsonic. Don't you
think they would be interrested in improving their NAS with the open source
community. On the other hand we can get more info.
I think that we should enter in contact and try this.
I have the mail of the Raidsonic Product Manager if you want Flip.
I don't think raidsonic makes this firmware. check the firmware to the another device posted few days ago - it's almost the same and completely another vendor and visual. I thnik the firmware creator is storlink.
Regards !

Selon philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>:


Dennis Suchomsky schrieb:
The tinky cgi scripts are shell-script
but the orig. cgi files used by the firmware
are compiled C-progs.
And where are the sources?

Am 16.05.2007 um 10:42 schrieb flipstar@xxxxxxx:

# tinky
# new tinky layout
# directory structur

looks good its clear what is stored in the folders.

The tinky dir is for configuration
files etc.
    - savedata.conf
    - tinky.conf (?)

Do we want a tinky.conf (guess yes)
we could give the user the possiblilty to
define special variables like:

Yes a tinky config would be good I think.

just to give an example

We should really stop using seperate start and
stop scripts and do it the common way with
a start and a stop funktion in one file


    start() {

    stop()     {



for all the installed bins

does a seperate bin dir for tinky scripts make sense
to get a cleaner layout???
don't think so just name the scripts s.t with tinky that they will be
easy to find
sorry this is all I got to say right now Im not too deep into your work
to make more comment but Im sure I will be soon ;)

To build a package I need to X-compile it right? Because i having troubles setting up the toolchain on my gentoo box perhaps you have a
sample toolchain for me.

Where can i find the sources for the cgi scripts the webinterface is using? I think there is some work needed too and i would like to
stuff like web interface fot ctorrent, top, netstat etc...
hmm ok thats it right now


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