[nas-2000] restart

  • From: flipstar@xxxxxxx
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 10:42:23 +0200

Hi everybody,

first of all I have to say that I'm tired of debugging 
the ftp! guess we'll find the bug one day but when??? 
The next thing is that tinky has no clean design (if there
is any at all).
From my point of view it would be over all
better if we would make a clean cut and think 
about the design tinky should have.

Next thing is that I deleted 
quite a but from the original firmware which
didn't made sense like usb and raid support but now with
the new kernel it makes perfect sense ... 

So here are some ideas as always please
comment and make suggestions. 

# tinky
# new tinky layout 
# directory structur

The tinky dir is for configuration
files etc.
        - savedata.conf
        - tinky.conf (?)

Do we want a tinky.conf (guess yes)
we could give the user the possiblilty to
define special variables like:

just to give an example

We should really stop using seperate start and
stop scripts and do it the common way with
a start and a stop funktion in one file


        start() {

        stop()  {


for all the installed bins

does a seperate bin dir for tinky scripts make sense
to get a cleaner layout???

Some bit's I don't want to forget:
the 2. busybox (Version 1.5) that is now part of the
Ramdisk /bin/busybox-1.5.0 should be an ordinary ipk-file
so we/the user can easily upgrade.
As the content of the $PATH variable it processed (from left to rigth)
it should be possible to "overright" commands that are already on the system 
with new "feature richer" like this:

old vi:
ls -l /bin/vi -> busybox        (old)

new vi:
ls -l /system/oberlay/apps/busybox/vi -> busybox-1.5.0 (new)


the busybox.conf (bbconf?) should be stored in /system/overlay/tinky
but busybox complains about rights of this file. does it complain
about a symlink as well???
No hussle with save and restoer

inetd.conf should be a symlink to /system/overlay/tinky/.. 
No hussle with save and restoer

We need to find a clear way how a update if the FW is handelt:

Today the /etc/rc script only checks if the dir /system/overlay exists and
if not copy over the stuff from the Application-"Partition"
At leased we need a handler like:

if the file update-fw exists

if [ -e /system/overlay/update-fw ]; then
        copy over the stuff from
        the Application-"Partition"

any ideas???

Ok this was a rather ugly braindumb but the only thing 
I wanted to start was a discussion.
Im sure you guys have some ideas and suggestions


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