[nas-2000] Re: new firmware from raidsonic: 2.3.2.IB.2.RS.1

  • From: Codebotcher <codebotcher@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 21:12:02 +0200

Hi Nils,

I had similar issues with my first NAS-2000. Whenever I uploaded a
bigger amount of data, the NAS hang up and I were not able to access it
any longer. Even ssh did not respond. The only way out of this was to
reset the NAS by switching it off and on again.

I couldn't say that there was a "critical data mass" that caused this
problem. It just happened from time to time and I were not able to
reproduce the effect with the same file for a second time.

Beside that, the effect was independent from the transfer protocol I
used. It happened with samba, ftp, as well as nfs. I tried several
different firmware versions but all of them froze at a certain point.

Further investigation showed that this problem did occur more often when
the fan was completely switched-off and only occasionally with the fan
running in position "high". That led me to the suspicion that the unit
was suffering from a thermal problem. I reported this issue to the
technical service of Raidsonic and asked for advise but never got an
answer. I have to admit that I'm quite disappointed about this fact... :-(

After this I contacted the mail-order shop where I bought the unit from
and they asked me to send it back for further investigations. I got a
replacement unit within the week which works fine for me now and without
any trouble!

One thing that I have noticed is that the first NAS had a small
aluminium heat-sink glued on top of the CPU. The replacement that I have
got doesn't have this heat-sink, though. I'm not sure from which
revision Raidsonic started installing these little thingies. It might
well be possible that the unit I got as a replacement is older than the
first one, as it was not brand-new, but a refurbished used one. However
it works and I'm quite satisfied.

Maybe your unit has a similar problem? Can you run it open with the fan
running in "high" position and maybe the top cover taken off?



Nils Potthoff schrieb:

> Nils
> PS: I often have problems to upload greater amount of data per samba. While 
> the transfer it hangs and finaly the transmission as aborted. Has anyone 
> ideas why?

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