[nas-2000] Re: kernel sources

  • From: "flipstar@xxxxxxx" <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 23:56:02 +0200

Hey Timo,

Timo Hoenig schrieb:
> Hey Flip,
> On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 22:47 +0200, flipstar@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> raidsonic just released the (kernel 2.6.15) sources for their new
>> NAS4220 the hardware is very simular to the one the NAS2000 / 1000 got.
>> Even throu the Flash and Ramsize are different.
> Good news.  Thanks for the heads-up!
> Did you get 2.6.15 running already?

Did some minimal adjustmants:

sl2312_flashmap.h -> sl2312_flashmap.h.8MB

and throw away some unneeded stuff to reduce size like:

xfs :-0
and things

but the kernel is not booting or (not sure) they use a different
serial driver and I just dont see it :-)

Ah and the NAS got a Gb-Ethernet card so that driver needs to be changes
as well.

>  I have to admit that I didn't give
> it a try yet.  The user space side of things kept me busy in the
> meanwhile ;-)  During my latest adventures I saw that running 2.6.10 is
> a real pain due to the somewhat ancient ALSA code.

Hehe but I promisse its great once you are done!
Have you tried the ipkgs?

By the way I think there is a missing dep in the ipkg (libgpm) alsamixer
complains about. Will check that tomorrow.


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