[nas-2000] Re: few different questions about the IB-NAS2000

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 20:45:40 +0200


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>     *From:* Grega Kovac <mailto:grega.kovac@xxxxxxxxx>
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>         *Subject:* [nas-2000] few different questions about the IB-NAS2000
>         Hi guys.
>         I own IB-NAS2000 and i've been using it for backup only (in the
>         office). It is connected to my local network and it is on all
>         the time (fan speed = low) and it's stored directly in the
>         office where the temperature is not too high. It's running Tinky
>         2.3.2 and lately i'm noticing "strange" behavior:
>         - noticed that it has frozen a couple of times and i had to
>         restart it
>         - web administration is slow
>         - can't do the restart from the web admin
>         - can't save configuration (web page freezes)
>         Since i've been noticing these problems i turned up the fan
>         speed to high, and it seems a bit better (i was able to save the
>         configuration). But now the damn thing is so loud that it has
>         really been bothering me.
>         Questions:
>         1) where do you keep your NAS
>         2) is it possible that the problems begun because it was
>         overheating?
>         3) has anyone tried to change the cooler of the disc?
>         4) has anyone had similiar problems?
> Hello Grega Kovac <mailto:grega.kovac@xxxxxxxxx>,
> I was having problems too, sometimes nas became slow. But after i
> reflashed tinky and kernel i see no problems.
> I thing its easy hard to change the cooler.

Im using a:

SilenX 40mm 14dBA Fan

working good and silent :-)
for me


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