[nas-2000] building the kernel from sources

  • From: "Felix Mellmann" <mellmispam@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 23:33:49 +0200

Hello everbody,

I'm still keen on getting my NAS booting from the hdd.
Currently, there are some problems to solve. The kernel command line is 
hard-coded during its compilation and is not changeable. Unfortunately 
"root=/dev/ram0" skips /linuxrc in the initrd-image and treats this image as 
the real root partition and executes /sbin/init. So exchanging the initrd-image 
with one, that just replaces the root-partion with /dev/hda2 and executing 
/sbin/init from /dev/hda2 would not work.
I thought of mounting the hdd and soft-linking everything onto the ramdisk as 
Knoppix does, but this is not flexible enough for me.

So the only way would be recompiling the kernel. Raidsonic has only published 
the 2.4 sources which includes the patches needed for the sl2312 platform.

Has anyone beeing succesful with compiling those kernel sources? Or, let me 
pose the question with other words: how did one enable the usb support in the 
kernel located at http://nas-2000.org/download/kernel/ (which is indeed a 2.6 

with best regards,

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