[nas-2000] Re: Wake on LAN for NAS Box

  • From: Michael Schröder <michael.schroeder@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:13:28 +0200


I measured the current and then >> P = U * I * cosPhi ( = 1 )

Wrong ?

Keke schrieb:
Hi Micha,

How did you measure the power consumption? Have you used one of this 15 Euro digital power plug wattmeters? In that case I wouldn't trust these values too much. This is because these simple devices always show the so called apparent power instead of the effective (RMS) power. As an example: I have used such a device to measure the power consumption of my PC some months ago. It showed a steady consumption of 7W even if I switch the power supply off (by the mains switch on the backside, no stand by!). This is mainly the reactive power of the power supply's input filter, no real loss!


Michael Schröder wrote:
Yes, i had....

Full : 18W
HDD spindown : 13W
Standby : 8W


philipp Wehrheim schrieb:
Hi Daniel,

wake on lan is not supported by the nic.
But if you configure the harddisk spindown
the NAS won't use to much energy.
(Has anyone messured how much???)


Daniel Fritz schrieb:

is it possible to use Wake on LAN on the NAS 2000 Box ?

It would be nice, so I could let automaticly start the NAS if one of the client PCs are on. And if all PCs are off the Linux Server could switch
the NAS off.

Has somebody some ideas ?

thx Daniel

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