[nas-2000] Re: [Tinky-LS] Tinky for DUAL HDD NAS IDE/SATA download

  • From: Paolo Scaffardi <paolo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 09:09:05 +0100

Hi Rob!
Rob ha scritto:
Right. trust me to open my big mouth.  One of my boxes died over the

I'm very sorry! You're not alone on that!

Tracked it down to a faulty mirror drive, which was trying to
rebuild on reboot, and locking up at 58% every time.

It is probably a died drive...

since the drive I have available thinks it's part of a raid 1 mirror,
it loads up as /dev/md1, and automatically mounted on /mnt/MD1.  I
note a lot of the changes in the scripts for twonky server &etc. are
hard coded for /mnt/IDE1 ... I presme this is why lots of stuff in the
webgui don't seem to work quite right..

I dont think that migrating from MRT to Tinky will make everything work like before because of different mounting paths (upcase instead of lowercase) and many others things.

It seems, from my other boxes, that 'mdadm' is the program to use to
maintain the 'md' raid devices.  But this is missing in tinky.  I did
get it over to this box by wget'ing it from my webspace, but it
vanished again on a reboot.

You have to put into /system/override/bin because the / is mounted on RAM!

How can I simply wipe the disc and get it back to default using
just the tools on the nas box?  (The data on it is scrambled, anyway,
being only a partial rebuild of the original data..)

I cant help on that. I never did that!

Bye bye,
Paolo Scaffardi
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