[nas-2000] [Tinky-LS] Tinky for DUAL HDD NAS IDE/SATA download

  • From: Paolo Scaffardi <paolo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 21:27:17 +0100

Hi! I patched last Tinky firmware to work with my MRT communication NAS. I tested it and it seems to work fine with 2 hard disks and usb, too. I currently am using it to share files and stream them with TwonkyMedia.

Sorry for the man... i had no idea, so i added a LS (my alias: Lord Scaffard) suffix to original image to distinguish my patched version.

Be careful: it's only a very PRELIMINARY release. So, every feedback is VERY VERY appreciated!!

Download it from: http://www.arsenio.net/dualhddnas/tinky-ls.tgz

Gunzip it, then upload the tar using the webgui update (but check your firmware is 2.X to match new flash partition scheme).

-- from my README --

This is a modified version of the original Tinky v. 2.3.2-mu-02.2, done by Lord Scaffard (me), to restore all the stuff needed to run tinky on my MRT Communications NAS (DUAL HDD NAS IDE or DUAL HDD NAS SATA).

This are differences between this version and twinky:
- original MRT (G5S52233211) kernel (with USB + both IDE channels working)
- restored both /dev/hd* and /dev/sd* devices and some script code to support them
- restored hotplug for USB devices

Please note that switching from the original Tinky image and this one
will swap the drives order (previous seen channel will become second
working channel in this firmware). Please switch your hard-disk to other
channel before switching from Tinky to this firmware to keep all settings.

No warranty for data loss, warranty void or anything bad you can make happen using this firmware and/or instructions.

See README.Tinky to read original Tinky firmware README

** Upgrading from last MRT release (>= G5S52233211) **

Remove the ImageInfo zImage entry. Remove the zImage from tar.
Then you can use the webgui update (current kernel will be kept).

** Upgrading from MRT 2.x **

You can use the webgui update.

** Upgrading from TINKY v2.x **

To install this firmware you can upgrade your working MRT 2.X or Tinky 2.X firmware using the webgui update. Else you have to follow MRT 2.X or Tinky 2.X installation instruction before, then install mine.

Bye bye,
Lord Scaffard

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