[nas-2000] Re: Restore original Firmware

  • From: Ralf Keimer <ralf.keimer@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 19:48:04 +0200

Hi Aurelien,

Aurelien wrote:
> Hi Keimix,
> You are copying data using samba or ftp?
> What do you mean exactly by "spurios lockups"?
I tried both samba and FTP. With spurios lockups I mean:
e.g.: Startetd to copy a bunch of files. 10% are written then the
copieing stops (doesn't matter wether using konqueror in kde or mc in
console). This is often accompanied by not being able to reach the nas
on the webinterface or using ssh.

Sometimes just letting the nas running along being logged in via ssh
i do repeated ls -R in / and after a time i start to get segmentation
faults using this command. (Not doing anything else).

As every setup of the nas accompanied by first deleting every partition
of hd and reformatting hd, I started with a clean setup.
IIRC I had lockup problems with the 1.3.1 Betas of raidsonic to.


Ralf Keimer
Braunschweig - Germany

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