[nas-2000] Re: OpenVPN Server

  • From: Codebotcher <codebotcher@xxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 14:51:24 +0100

Hi Flip,

> Hey,
> Codebotcher schrieb:
>> Yes it does! Good job. OpenVPN is working for me now and I owe the
>> community a howto. I have some hand-written notes next to me, but I have
>> to put them in a human-readable form. Setting up OpenVPN is quite
>> trivial once all the required modules are available. Generating the keys
>> and certificates might be tricky, though. I did it on my Linux PC and
>> simply copied the relevant files to the NAS, but I'm sure this can be
>> simplified.
>> What's the next step from here? I'm still using the openvpn 2.0.7 you
>> sent to the list some time ago. Can we put everything in an ipkg that
>> automatically installs all packages OpenVPN is depending on? I don't
>> have the ipkg builder installed on my Linux PC, yet. If I would provide
>> you with all the files in a structure, could you do that?
> Sure I would love to :-D
> Or you can build a ipkg by hand. there are two tar archives inside the
> ar (ipkg) file ;-)
> With OpenVPN you/we can do quite a number of wicket things like:
> - mount/access files secure -> yes that's what is was designed for
> but another option would be to:
> -Get a mobilie-fon with a sip-client and a vpn-client that can connect        
>       to openvpn (and a dataflatrate is prefered)
> -Tell your sip-client to connet trough the vpn-tunnel to your LAN
>       and from the LAN ether to your local asterisk or your preferred         
>       sip provider.
> and wheee you can get phone calls on your mobile and people will only
> pay for the local call.
> thanks again
> --
> flip

I just wanted to give you an update on the status of the OpenVPN
project. At the moment I'm struggling with a quite bizarre problem. I
managed to setup and configure the OpenVPN on my NAS in the same way as
the OpenVPN on my Linux server running Debian. I'm able to connect to
the NAS via OpenVPN from my Windows notebook using OpenVPN GUI
(http://www.openvpn.se/) and to browse the files which are offered by
the NAS' samba server. Browsing through the files is pretty fast, but as
soon as I try to open a file, let's say a 100 byte config file with a
text editor, the transfer stalls and throws the following error message
on my NAS:

Sun Nov 25 14:36:11 2007 notebook1/ MULTI: bad source
address from client [], packet dropped

I checked if Google finds something related to this problem, but to no
avail. It seems that the NAS is not able to route back to my notebook.

Another strange observation I have made is that it is possible to browse
the directories on the NAS using TotalCommander as a FTP client, but as
soon as a file transfer is initiated, the connection breaks with the
same error as for samba. Now comes the funny thing: The command line ftp
client of Windows XP works! I can browse /and/ transfer files from an to
the NAS through the OpenVPN tunnel.

(BTW: The same OpenVPN server configuration works on my Debian Linux
server without any problems!)

As a project in my job is coming to a code-freeze next week followed by
a delivery to the customer in the week after, I will be off for a while
and won't be able to work on this issue here. :-(   I pick it up again
as soon as I have the time again. I will try to look at the routing
tables first and run a test, where my notebook is not in the same
physical network as the NAS. (At the moment they are both in my
192.168.x.x private network and can see each other both on the local and
the OpenVPN net. Maybe this is a problem here.)



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