[nas-2000] New MRT Firmware & Tinky-LS

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  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 09:22:22 +0100


I hope you don't mind me raising these issues again, but any advice would be 
much appreciated; here's  some background information...

I have an MRT Communications  35HD Dual NAS (SATA) with 2 x 500 Gb (Seagate) 
hard drives; I recently upgraded to the latest MRT Firmware (G5S50033B34), and 
after trying the suggestions in this thread 
(http://memoriedigitali.com/storlinkdevices/viewtopic.php?t=145) I believe the 
new firmware does not allow TELNET access.

Ideally I would like to achieve three things from the device - i) use the 2 
hard drives in RAID (0) configuration, ii) access files stored on the device 
securely via the internet, iii) stream media (audio & video) files both within 
and outside my home network.

I planned to upgrade to Tinky-LS firmware and Optware, but I believe this would 
mean losing RAID facilities; I recently emailed Lord Scaffard who suggested the 
following procedure - 

- compare original Raidsonic image and Tinky image (first decompress rd.gz and 
hddapp.tgz of both, then make a diff between them)
- apply the changed stuff to your reference MRT image
- pack the obtained rd.gz and hddapp.tgz
- try it

- This should take you some hour but it should work.

Unfortunately Lord Scaffard is very busy at the moment, and I have little or no 
Linux experience; but if there are many users who are interested, perhaps 
someone might be willing to have a go?

Alternatively Lord Scaffard did mention that it would be fairly easy to add 
Centroid support to OpenWRT, but once again this would take a bit of work; 
another possibility would be installing Debian, although I'm not sure if this 
is more than I actually need or how feasible it is.

Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks in advance.



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