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  • From: Felix Mellmann <mellmispam@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 20:43:15 +0100

Yes, it is possible. The onboard flash consists of a couple of files: RedBoot bootloader, Linux kernel, Ramdisk (aka initrd), Application image (which will be downloaded to the hdd on boot) and 3 other files, which I do not know for what they are ...

The bootloader and the kernel must be kept, esp. the bootloader!!
A Linux kernel is able to run an initrd-image before mounting the root filesystem (Debian uses this to load driver modules needed for mounting the root filesystem). In case of an unmodified Raidsonic NAS, this initrd-image is the "Ramdisk". This initrd-file has to be exchanged. In my case it consist of a patched version of sysvinit's /sbin/init which mounts the hdd-root-filesystem and exchanges the current root (/) with the mounted one, then the system load everything else from disk (thank you again for your help flip ;)

I'm going to write a how-to. But in my opinion this will be just for very experienced people, because if one kills his bootloader or loose one of the files, the NAS will only be useful as a paperweight...

And please - keep the bootloader!
I think I will post a first try of that how-to this evening.


Frédéric Gossiaux schrieb:

I've succesfully debootstraped debian on my NAS1000. But I wonder if I
could let the NAS1000 boot into debian directly, so that I don't need to
chroot everytime en start the debian apps manually.

To state it briefly:
Is it possible to overwrite the bootloader so that the NAS doens't boot the
RaidSonic (or Tinky) OS anymore, but directly Debian.

Thanks anyway,
Cid 54

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