[nas-2000] Re: NAS2000 dead

  • From: "Grega Kovac" <grega.kovac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 09:42:21 +0200

Dear philipp

this was really helpful. As you said my NAS set the IP to  when
i changed the IP on my computer i got to the webadmin page of the NAS

Now i have another question/problem: in the howto it says: When reaching the
Webinterface remember the standard Password for "admin" is "admin" :-)
well it doesen't work :)
I have tried it a million times but it still says: invalid username pr

Any ideas on this?

thanks a lot!! Grega

On 6/22/07, philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Grega,

Grega Kovac wrote:
> hi @all
> I am getting more and more desperate here :)
> I updated the original 1.1 firmware to tinky 2_3_2-mu-02 and everything
> went well till the last step here you press 1 to start up the NAS. The
well you will always lose the connection at this point since the
bootloader != linux kernel
> NAS got stuck at that point and then i read that i should have deleted
> the partition. I shut down the NAS, connected it to USB and deleted the
> partition in XP. The next step was to turn NAS back to network and
You only have to delete your HD if you already had on older version
of tinky installed ...

> nothing happened. I was not able to find the NAS on any means described
> on the Wiki page.
If you boot the nas with no ethernet cable connected it will get the
default ip-ad. ...
> I tried to telnet to redboot again and had no luck. It seems like my NAS
> is dead. Please advice me how to proceed and what to do to make it work
> again.
You may want to try http://nas-2000.org/download/tools/IcyBox_FlashStart/
this tool makes it quite easy to catch the bootloader from
a windows pc.

> thanks for your effort and have a nice weekend!
> Grega
However if you can't catch the bootloader you had bad luck.
If you can connect to the bootloader ether reflash
or let the nas boot (3-4 min) and then press the reset button on the
back for more than 5 sekonds this will delete all your settings but NOT
you data.


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