[nas-2000] NAS-2000 & DUAL HDD NAS

  • From: Samuel BURG <samuel_burg@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 21:04:12 +0200 (CEST)

Hello !

I'm new here.

I've just bought a "DUAL HDD NAS" (35HD-DUAL-NAS), very similar to the 
"NAS-2000". SO I post here, as there is not any "DUAL HDD NAS" forom or 
mailling list.

Out off the box the NAS does not have telnet/ssh enable.
So I enable it, using my web browser as explain at http://haukap.net/

Then I add a xml file in the box, so the telnet server can be easily enabel and 
disable in the web GUI :

nas-1> mkdir /usr/webroot/nav/telnet
nas-1> cd /usr/webroot/nav/telnet
nas-1> echo '<item id="telnet" label="Telnet" description="" 
url="cgi/telnet/telnet.cgi" parent="network_service" order="20"/>' > telnet.xml

I download the new firmware 2.3.3a :
wget http://svp.co.uk/helpdeskbigfiles/CentriNAS_v2_3_3a.tar.gz

 and intall it on the box with the web GUI. Until now, no problem.

But ..., this way of setting Tenlet server, is a bit irritating, as each time 
the NAS boot up, all tenlet webGUI stuff is lost, as the firmware on the flash 
memory does not have the telnet.xml file. So I uncompress the 
CentriNAS_v2_3_3a.tar.gz file, add the telnet.xml file where it suposed to be, 
recompress the file, and use the web GUI to re-update the firmware ... and .... 
argh ... nothing more ... the NAS is dead ! Not an hardware issue, but a 
software bug, my new firmware does not work ! The reset button don't do 

It seems that there is an serial/RS-232 connection on the main bord of the NAS 
(see picture and comment at http://haukap.net/). The point is that I don't know 
a lot about RS-232 connection : how to connect to the box ? how to upload a 
working firmware using this connection ?
I have allready search on the web, so I know that minicom is the software for 
that, it must be call with the -o flag, and that the com-port should be 
configure for 9600 8N1 connection.

And then ? what ? I'm lost !

Maybe you can help me here as some of you work a lot on the NAS-2000 firmware.

Thank you very much for any help !

NB: I work under Linux Fedora Core 6, x86_64. I also have a computer under 
Linux Fedora Core 4 x86. I have bought an USB->RS-232 cable on the web 
yesterday, and I will make an DB-9_to_NAS-BOX adapter in next days.

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