[nas-2000] Re: Kernel compilation... and accessing flash within kernel...

  • From: Philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:58:31 +0100

Paolo Scaffardi schrieb:
> Philipp Wehrheim ha scritto:
>> The source has not been released to the public by Raidsonic -> the
>> company selling the NAS-{1000,2000}. What about the company selling the
>> DualNAS?? Did you ask them?
> Done now!
>> The kernel was taken from a Dual NAS which comes with an USB-port.
>> The original RS hardware does not come with on soldert USB-port.
> Fine. I'll use that kernel. But this is now sufficent. We need the
> kernel sources (it should be open!).

I agree!

>>> About NAS flash i read that same GPIOs are used to access flash, usb and
>>> IDE/SATA controller. That's why (i suppose) there's no way to
>>> access/upgrade the flash within the kernel on NAS firmwares. 
>> Where did you read that?
> Here (storlink documentation):
> http://www.storlinksemi.com.cn/an3316-01.htm
> http://www.storlinksemi.com.cn/an3316-02.htm
> http://www.storlinksemi.com.cn/an3316-03.htm
> http://www.storlinksemi.com.cn/an3316-04.htm
>>> I exepected
>>> to find a jffs2 partition, like other similar platforms, but nothing. I
>>> expected to have a flashcp or mtd_info utility, but nothing. Upgrading
>>> the flash partition only at startup is a very BAD system to work with a
>>> dynamic firmware/platform, like our could be.
>> Have a look at the webupdate files, the syntax is very simple.
>> If you like you can build an update file that can be used via the WebUI.
> Ok, but they put stuff into the hard disk and not on the flash
>> There are a number of things that could be done.
>>  - kernel execute in place?!
> I never used this mode because of many problems having flash runned
> directly from flash (like upgrading the kernel itself).

Right but it is fast as hell.
Its used by some Sony Digicams.

>>  - unionfs for the root
> It's not so simple. Unionfs is based on user-mode modules

User mode? -> have a look at the aufs HP. Junjiro is doing a great job.

>>  - very lightwight firmware all apps but ssh? as pkgs
> Yes. It'd be great.
>>  - jffs2
> I prefere this instead of high-level unionfs that hides 'where is what'.
>> Sounds great! Feel free to extend and add stuff to the firmware.
> Thanks! I next days i'll solder a TTL 3.3V -> 9V adapter to our board
> serial pinstrips to dump every message since redboot. That would help me
> more hacking.

If you have any questions just ask!

>> By only changing some parts of the fw users can simply jump back to the
>> orig. fw. On the other side the WebUI can still be used what makes the
>> usage for some users easier.
> Yes. Basic web functions are needed for that users. But the gui can be
> updated with other stuff like some documents explain
> (http://www.raidsonic.de/de/data/driver/doc/ICYBOX/HowToBuildANasApplication.pdf).
>> By the way Alfred has lately done some investigation on the JTAG and
>> managed to debrig the NAS by reflashing the bootloader.
> Great. I think we (DUAL HDD NAS users) have the same connector on our
> board (20 pin port not soldered). That would help us too!
>> Anyway we could talk about making a cut and building our own firmware?
>> If you are interested we can work out a list of thinks that could/should
>> be done.
> I agree doing that. I'd like to have a full working build-system:
> nothing manual. I already have used some great configurable build system
> like the cirrus arm platform
> (http://arm.cirrus.com/files/linux/releases/linux-2.6/1.0.3/linux_1-0-3-src.tar.bz2),
> that my company customized for our board. We actually do a 'make' to
> have a full working firmware out. And we can add new packages to the
> build (the system will download sources from network and compile them
> automatically). There are many other embedded build system but i dont
> know them very well (emdebian, scratchbox). I cannot help with these. I
> could help with flash programming/partitioning and in-kernel flash
> upgrade procedures. I wrote some good utility to parse/change redboot
> partitions too (FIS directory, FIS configuration) from within user-mode
> (accessing mtd, of curse).

As a Gentoo user I have to point you to:

but make files are fine to.

Are you willing to publish your apps?

> We (DUAL HDD NAS) users are willing to create a wiki on wikia for our
> NAS (very similar to your one). But the firmware/code i think can be
> shared between us.

Ok if you think this is necessary role your own page but from my point
of view it don't make sense to split things up before they have started.

> Keep us in touch!



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