[nas-2000] Re: Dual HDD NAS (SATA) Firmware

  • From: Rob <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 07:26:25 +0000

On 07/01/2008, Alfred Bruckner <alfred.bruckner@xxxxxx> wrote:
> I am a bit confused. You talk about the Dual HDD NAS, but I think this box
> only comes with IDE Interface.
> Is it that hardware?
> http://haukap.net/category/dual-hdd-nas/
> If yes, then hardware does not support SATA and any SATA firmware does not
> help you because you connot connect the SATA drives.

If it's the one generally referred to, then it comes in both versions.
  I also have an SATA one.

It's an "unbranded" box, but appears to be made by MRT:

They also now do a gigabit interface version, but looks like actual
transfer speeds are no better than the 100Mbps versions.. sigh.  they
are not very quick boxes.

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