[nas-2000] Re: Crosscompile mt-daapd?

  • From: philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:15:49 +0200

Hi Sven, hi List

first of all I think crosscompiling sucks :-)

Even through there are list on the net which gcc is working
with which version of glibc ... I did not manage to get a working toolchain.

That is why i currently compile on the NAS what is painfull slow but
always work.

The idea with the vmware image is not so bad but:

- vmware is not free
- vmware will only work on x86
- even with a vmware image you/we have to crosscompile

I don't think the image will help alot.

A much better way to doit is to create a qemu image since qemu supports
the emulation of different cpu types like -> yes arm.

This way everybody (not only x86 users) could use the toolchain
there would not be the need to crosscompile since the image is arm-based
and finaly it would be a lot faster than compiling on the NAS.

What to do:
- there is a gentoo arm qemu image I posted the link a while ago
- rob landley started a very cool project
  it will create you a crosscompiler that created a native comiler for
  your arch.
  there are also precompiled qemu images for differet cpus like arv4l
  but Rob is using uclibc and the NAS is using glibc :-(
  and yes qemu is working under windows.
- there are also things like t2-project.org but I guess this is way more
  than we need and it is crosscompiling again

I write my last test for the uni next week and after that i'll have lots
of time for tinky ...

Have fun bye


Sven Schreier wrote:
> Hi all!
> I just started trying out to crosscompile some apps for my nas-2000
> (using Tinky 2_3_2-mu-02.2) and know i want to update the mt-daapd stuff
> on my nas. But i got stucked (cross)compiling the needed libs (zlib,
> libid3tag, gdbm). Are there any others who are intessted in a new
> version of mt-daapd for nas-2000?
> For the fritzbox there is a vmware virtual machine based on debian for
> doing the compilling stuff (called FriBoLi). Perhaps we can create a
> virtual machine which is ready for crosscompiling?
> cu Sven

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