[nas-2000] Bootloader gone. Serial-Cable weird text

  • From: "JERKBALL" <JERKBALL@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:23:58 +0200



got a big problem with my Nas2000. Flashed the Tinky Firmware on my new


Seems, that I wasn?t allowed to flash the Firm on that brand new Nas2000.


Reaching Redboot was no problem. Flashed as said in the Readme. After
uploading went fine, I pressed Y and waited?


Long time nothing happened, then telnet-window showed me, that it wrote in
specific memory banks or something like that?.


Long, long list that suddenly stopped with an ?a? at the beginning of the
line (which seemed to stand for ?a?dress)


I waited some minutes, then the telnet window showed a message, that the
connection was terminated?


?Weird? I thought, ´cause in the Readme was written, that I would get back
tot he Redboot Menu for rebooting.


I waited some more Minutes and than I couldn?t do anything than switching
oft he device?


No there?s no Redboot answering on anymore? :(


I build myself a data cable out of an old black Siemens S45 data cable,
attached 3,3V to Pin 4 and started over Hyperterm


I used 19200 8N1 as said? (hardware control switched off), but all I get
during switching on the device is ?N?


Switching off gives me a ?FFN? right behind the ?N? from starting the


I tested 9600 baud, but there I got even less?


I ordered the Serial Cable from Icy Box, but I got no answer and I belive my
Serial Number is too new?


What can I do? Help me :)





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