[nas-2000] Re: Bootloader - cheap JTAG here..

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Hello Alfred, Just to let you know that there are people on this list who appreciate your work and use it !

So, yes, a big thank-you from a ex-dead-nas2000 owner !


Alfred Bruckner wrote:

if you want people to do things in their free time you could use words like please, thank you...

I spent about two weeks in getting that work although I don’t need it!

I created an entry at wiki. http://www.nas-2000.org <http://www.nas-2000.org/>

There is also an English corner at out forum. http://nas2000.homeunix.com <http://nas2000.homeunix.com/>



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Its cool but can you write manual in english, here?

On Jan 3, 2008 1:36 PM, Alfred Bruckner <alfred.bruckner@xxxxxx <mailto:alfred.bruckner@xxxxxx>> wrote:

Hi everybody,
there is a solution to recover the bootloader!
Pls have a look at http://nas2000.homeunix.com

Good luck,

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 if you cannot access the JTAG port with some commercial SW like OCdemon
 there is maybe the connection of Pin 8 and 15 on the parallel port
 connector missing.
 You can find a wiggler schematic here:


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 Asure wrote:
 >> Default User schrieb:
 >>> Where i can find that product, can you gimme any image of JTAG adapter
 >>> i need to reflash bootloader?
>>> On Nov 19, 2007 9:18 PM, flipstar@xxxxxxx
<mailto:flipstar@xxxxxxx> <flipstar@xxxxxxx <mailto:flipstar@xxxxxxx>> wrote:
 >>>> Hey Default User / Kenshin
 >> Please reread the next line:
 >>>> the only way to reflash the bootloader is via a JTAG Adapter ...
 >>>> Alfred and Jerkball are working on this ... so stay tuned!
 >> END
 >> You'll have to build the JTAG adpater yourself.
 >> --
 > Ok ok.. here's one for ~9 euro's ex shipping.
> http://cgi.ebay.nl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120185102114
 > With a decent length of printercable you can go a long way, and no
 > worries about
 > the resistor-based wiggler type cables.. This is the real thing.
 > I have bought from this guy before, he's ok & fast. Haven't used the
 > adapter yet, i
 > bought it for some realtek device, that i need to solder wires to the
 > cpu.. bah..
 > So, where's the unsoldered JTAG port exactly on the board, and what's
 > the pinout ?

 It's called "J5" next to the (unsoldert) USB-Port.


 No idea about the Pinout -> Alfred, Jerkball?


 > - Alex


 pinout should be like ARM-JTAG Wiggler compatible port.

 3V3   1   2 3V3
 NTRST 3   4 GND
 TDI   5   6 GND
 TMS   7   8 GND
 TCK   9  10 GND
       11 12 GND
 TDO   13 14 GND
       15 16 GND
 DBGRQ 17 18 GND
 DBGAC 19 20 GND

 I could not get useful communication through JTAG till now,


 for being able to access the CPU through ARM compatible JTAG you need to
 short the two pins where R160 is missing.

 But be very careful when soldering on the board!
 ESD may damage the board.

 Good luck,

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