[nas-2000] Re: Adding hdd to mrt dual-nas with tinky fw

  • From: Philipp Wehrheim <flipstar@xxxxxxx>
  • To: nas-2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 13:27:20 +0200

Hey Rob,

Rob schrieb:
> Hi All.
> I've got an MRT box running tinky fw, 2.3.2-mu-02. (Is there any newer 
> version?)

I guess no :-(

> I've only had the single HDD in it so far, but just added a second.
> Appeared as /dev/hdc, and after formatting it tthrough the web-gui,
> appeared as /mnt/ide3.
> Trying to create a share, now, and it only allows me to specify
> /mnt/IDE1 as the drive.  I edited share.html to remove the 'readonly'
> and created the share with /mnt/ide3 as the drive, but it ignored the
> change.
> Am I doing somethingwrong?
> Ideally, I'd just love to extend the current filesystem across onto
> the second drive, as I don't really want to have seperate shares... is
> this possible?

You could try to create symlinks but I guess that they will not work if
you mount the fs via nfs. A more robust way might be to mount the new disks
or dirs created on the new disk to the old hd.


mkdir /mnt/ide1/disk2
mount -o bind /mnt/ide3 /mnt/ide1/disk2

If that works creat a small script that is executed during the system boot.


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