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Hi Garret,

Thanks for your reply. I actually found a bug on my side. Nanomsg seems to
be working correctly as expected.


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Subject: [nanomsg] Re: Multiple paired connections
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If you aren't backing up TCP then it should work. But PAIR is best effort
delivery unlike req/rep and so it's possible to lose messages due to TCP
flow control.
I'm not sure if this is what is happening - but it might be worth checking.

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On Dec 30, 2015, at 6:54 PM, Roger Floydman <roger.floydman@xxxxxxxxx
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I have recently been experimenting with nanomsg to allow communication
between various plugin modules and the main core of the application. The
PAIR protocol seemed to be perfect for my requirements to allow a one to
one communication between the module and the core.

I have setup the pair using nn_socket ( AF_SP, NN_PAIR ) with my core
being the server side doing a nn_bind and my module doing a nn_connect.

It all works great until i get to 5 paired connections and then on the
6th i receive no messages. There are no error messages coming back from any
of the nanomsg calls so i'm a bit stumped.

Should it be possible to have many paired connections? E.g. 100



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