[nanomsg] Review of mangos

  • From: Gonzalo Diethelm <gonzalo.diethelm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nanomsg <nanomsg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 12:46:59 -0400

Hello Garret,

I am going over your mangos code in order to improve my go-fu. Great job!

I started with macat.go, to make things easier for me, and I have several
questions / suggestions for you, which you will find below. I can provide
patches for anything you agree should be modified, but remember some / all
of these may be wrong, due to my ignorance of go.

Thanks and best regards.


# macat.go

Line 73: are you missing a check for if err != nil?

Line 128: isn't it necessary to close the file (maybe in a defer)?

Line 169, 177: should you check for the existence (and readability) of the

Line 273, 281, 290, 317: this code is repeated four times; move it to a

Line 376: you are creating the Writer even if it will not be used (when
format is "no"). Additionally, you are creating the Writer each time you
call printMsg(); can that be optimized (and is it necessary)?

Line 393: maybe add some other special cases, like \t and \'.

Line 457: I don't understand why there is a loop in there; are you sending
many copies of sendData? Or is it because the other side may not be up yet?

Line 458, 491: this code is repeated twice; move it to a helper?

Line 531: shouldn't the sock.SetOption() be after the if sock == nil?

Line 554: why is it subscribing to every possible message by default? This
could be a bad idea...

Gonzalo Diethelm

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