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Maybe we need two different presentations.

1. A "selling" presentation - that is, we approach the concepts, the 
benefits and other good things. That could be the presentation we need to 
show to University Directors and Main Professors - what I intend to do next 
step here. Maybe it could eventually help us to acquire resources, if it be 

2. A technical presentation for internal members, developers, or advanced. 
That is what you got your focus below. That could be important to stablish 
good comunication with ourselves, developers, technical teachers, and grow 
our developer's network.

What about?

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> Hey,
> here is the proposed content of the presentation:
>  a.. introduction to the DDE concept
>  b.. comparison with federated storage engine and Cluster
>  c.. Introduction to the MySql struckture (the stuff with the storage 
> engines etc.)
>  d.. Planed Implementation method (masked tables etc.)
>  e.. ------As of here there is the detailed introduction to the 
> implementation--------
>  f.. Communication between servers
>  g.. Server fault detection algo
>  h.. P/F/U key consitency
> Enything else in that should go in it?
> Peter
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