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Hey Peter,

I think we need ourselves a first step to stablish this, that is our 
I don't talk about a completely defined plain, but a sketch of main 
activities that could be chained in order to warrant a logical map of 
what-to-do. Of course, we does not need to impose dates.

Why do I suggest it? That's because some of the activities should support 
others - such as the activitie c. Some of them could be thought to be 
implemented firstly (that's a thought, not an imposition!)

So, we could stablish in these next days (grafically) a hierarchy of 
activities with composition (activities child of others) and dependences 
(activities that just can begin after other ends successfully).

What do you think?

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> Hey,
> To the students that should do a first implementation: They have one 
> semester (app. 3 months) to komplete this internship within the TU. Usally 
> there are 2 groups that do the same task (so there is a bit of 
> competition). The groups consists of several students (we can decide how 
> many students should be on one team but no more than 5). They are usally 
> in their 5th semester or higher.
> Here are a few suggestions what the students could implement:
>  a.. Table masking (Add variable to global MySql setting to determine the 
> Masked table type, perform the forwoarding of the primitive actions to the 
> masked table)
>  b.. Find a way to store the query statistics efficiently
>  c.. Preliminary server to server communication by hacking the federated 
> engine (limitation: hardcodecode IP adresses of servers until cluster 
> management is set up)
>  d.. Internal tables for server amangement and query statistics interface
> What do you think? Any other Idea?
> Peter
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