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> Hi LenZ,
> thank you for your offer. There is one question: Is the 5.1 API stable
> (changes with the API it self not bugfree)? I'm asking since currently I
> have someone that is implementing the revision engine. I would not like to
> have him implement against an instable API. Otherwise onless you can tell
> me
> what impact measurement uncertenties on cluster algorithms has or how to
> speed up DBScan by a factor of at least 10 I think I will manage. Fabricio
> will, I think, also manage to get his objects into his 3D enviromenten ;)

Yes... A 3D engine would be a good option... lol :)

> Since there is hot development going on with the revision engine I'll send
> you an update as soon as the alpha version is out (shouldn't take too
> long).

Peter, is there any visual result about that while now?

> Ceers,
> Peter
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> Subject: [mysql-dde] Re: Feliz Ano Novo!
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>> Hi Peter,
>> On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Peter B. Volk wrote:
>>> Yes it has been quiet. We have been working on an alpha version that we
>>> hope
>>> to bring out soon. Also we have come up with several other Ideas for
>>> storage
>>> engines like the data revision engine. Since Fabricio and I am currently
>>> writing our final thesis's we hade to slow down DDE a bit. But we are
>>> still
>>> working on it. In the mean while our team has grown. Also I will be
>>> working
>>> at the university as of April (if I get finished in time) and I will be
>>> pushing it q bit more once I can offer the students a schein.
>> Ah, thanks for the update! Just let me know, if there is anything I can
>> do
>> to
>> help.
>> Bye,
>> LenZ
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