[mysql-dde] Re: Erste technische Fragen.

  • From: "Peter B. Volk" <PeterB.Volk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Lenz Grimmer" <lenz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 01:31:14 +0200


> > 2.) Extending the syntax of SQL
> >
> > Additionally to the cluster management extensions of the SQL syntax,
which we
> > would like to adapt from the NDB Cluster management, we will probably
> > further extensions not included in the NDB extensions. Is there
> > available that we can use with an easy "HOW TO" extend the SQL syntax??
> > would exactly need to know witch classes we need to deal with and what
> > need to change or what we need to hack for our selves.
> Unfortunately there is no "SQL extension HOWTO" yet :)
> According to our developers, "it depends what you want to achieve". The
> file is sql_yacc.yy. Can you please elaborate on what exactly you want to
> to the syntax?

We would need to add the "DDE_Cluster" clause to the Create table statement.
Also we need to add Create Cluster/Drop Cluster and Add node and Remove Node
to the syntax. The Add/remove node syntax can also be embedet into a alter
cluster command as proposed in 3.2 of the specs.

> > 3.) Foreign keys implementation above the storage engines
> >
> > My first question to this topic is...how far along is it? Has the
> > interface been changed yet? If yes what when will the internals
> > be changed? Does this implementation only include the foreign keys or
does it
> > also include unique constraints and/or range constrains or similar?
> To my knowledge, work on this feature has not started yet. Again, I will
> for more details.
> It is planned to implement this in MySQL 5.2 - you can follow the
> of this version via BK: http://mysql.bkbits.net:8080/mysql-5.2
> By the way, the BK website mentions a special academic licensing program.
> might be worth asking them for more details:
> http://www.bitkeeper.com/Products.BK_Pro.FAQ.html

I am on the commit list and nothing has happend so far. well it could have
been that there is already a concept how you will implement it.


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