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I think you did the correct answer.

But maybe we should add the topics:

- Stablish a good scientific relation with MySql researchers and workers, to 
grow the knowledge chain;
- Take the possibility to engage us into (possible) future conferences, 
visits, etc.
- To supply coofee and cookies as enough as we need. :)


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> Hey,
> I got an awnser from Lenz Grimmer. Unfortinatly in german. He is community
> manager for europe. He is very interested and is forwoarding the design
> document to the right people. Also he will be asking in what way MySql can
> support us. He is asking what we are expecting from MySql as support. here
> are my suggestions for the requested support that we would want:
> -Commitment to include this project into a future release of MySql
> -Code repository at MySql with own branch
> -Internal plans for future plans in MySql with a time plan
> -Internal Documentation
> -Engeneering support if needed
> Please feel free to add or remove any other further requests.
> Peter
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