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I imagine this season your beer will be cold :)

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well it is trying very had to turn into summer weather. but once in a while
it gets very cold. Otherwise this is one of the first days where ther is
nice weather.

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That's Okay.

Here it is raining a lot (winter is coming soon)

What about there?


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>> > Ok well my concerns are that the Idea it self is not protected.
> Currently
>> > any other company can claim rights for it. The idea is to patent the
> Idea
>> > to
>> > protect t from other companies claiming it as their idea.
>> Well, you're right. It could be very bad if we work on it, and other
>> say it belong them. However, I don't know exactly how it works about
>> international pattents. Do you know? Of course, if it works well, >> we'll
> have
>> to register it in name of both Fabricio Mota and Peter Volk.
>> Tell me more about these points, if you know.
> Well I don't know. Here in Dresden we have an office of the pattant
> and I'll see that I can get in touch with them next week. Also there > are
> several offices in the collage that will support students in these type
> questions. I'll see that I can get an apointment.
>> > Also the question is starting to arise how we will hand this project
> over
>> > to MySQL. My suggestion would be the following:
>> >
>> > MySQL has two versions a community edition and a Network edition. >> > The
>> > community edition is free of use but prohibit the users to resell it
>> > bundled
>> > with another product. The network edition allows the license taker >> > to
>> > resell
>> > it and also the network edition includes support from MySQL.
>> Yes, I think the intuitive way is to go through the same way MySQL
>> already
>> works.
>> > We could adopt this idea. We would provide MySQL with full rights >> > for
>> > their
>> > community edition. If they want to include the engine into the
>> > edition we would have to sell them the appropriate rights and an
>> > fee for support.
>> >
>> > What do you think?
>> That's a point we could think better along the development way. Of
>> course,
>> it includes to mantain a enterprise structure, and I still don't know
>> much it may cost to us, what the essencial requirements to maintain,
> Yes I agree that this should be thought about further down the road. I
> just
> whanted to tell you about the idea.
> Peter

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