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Answers below

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Ok well my concerns are that the Idea it self is not protected. Currently any other company can claim rights for it. The idea is to patent the Idea to protect t from other companies claiming it as their idea.

Well, you're right. It could be very bad if we work on it, and other ones say it belong them. However, I don't know exactly how it works about international pattents. Do you know? Of course, if it works well, we'll have to register it in name of both Fabricio Mota and Peter Volk.

Tell me more about these points, if you know.

Also the question is starting to arise how we will hand this project over
to MySQL. My suggestion would be the following:

MySQL has two versions a community edition and a Network edition. The
community edition is free of use but prohibit the users to resell it
with another product. The network edition allows the license taker to
it and also the network edition includes support from MySQL.

Yes, I think the intuitive way is to go through the same way MySQL already works.

We could adopt this idea. We would provide MySQL with full rights for
community edition. If they want to include the engine into the network
edition we would have to sell them the appropriate rights and an annual
fee for support.

What do you think?

That's a point we could think better along the development way. Of course, it includes to mantain a enterprise structure, and I still don't know how much it may cost to us, what the essencial requirements to maintain, etc.

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