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  • From: "Fabricio Mota" <fabricio.mota@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 11:21:11 -0300

Well, i think www.mysql-dde.com sounds better. Considering that I am Brazilian :D...

We could think about www.dde.com , too.


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Subject: [mysql-dde-private] Re: Website

> I think we should start a website. This website should give an overview
> the engine, first evaluations, current status and also SVN access. The
> idea
> is to use a virtual server. This means that we have root access to a
> system. On the same system there will be several more vServer.

Okay. I agree.

Ok what do you think of: www.mysql-dde.com or www.myclusters.de ? any other

> This means that we can have a central FTP server for our stuff and
> also we can have our current version control system on there. Also we
> have a project control system to have a better overview of open tasks
> (such
> as www.dotproject.net ).

If I understood well, it is a "open source project manager", right?

correct. I use it at work and we are very satisfied.

Hey man, did you solve the problem of their "fear" of C++? :D

Well more or less. they are geting used to it

> Lenz has said that we can have a link on their forge site. This is
> something
> that I strongly anticipate since this will make the project more open > to
> the
> public.

I confess you I don't know forge site very well, yet. Do you have an URL?



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