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I think we should start a website. This website should give an overview of
the engine, first evaluations, current status and also SVN access. The idea
is to use a virtual server. This means that we have root access to a Linux
system. On the same system there will be several more vServer.

Okay. I agree.

So we would be sharing the hardware but not the software with other customers of the provider.

Well, I don't know very well how this king of server works, but if you say that, I trust you. :)

This means that we can have a central FTP server for our stuff and
also we can have our current version control system on there. Also we can
have a project control system to have a better overview of open tasks (such
as www.dotproject.net ).

If I understood well, it is a "open source project manager", right?

To finance the server (I&#8217;ll check the prices)
there are several ways to get money off of a website. One way is to add a
google advertisement bar on the side of the website.


And also differently
supported advertisements. The students would do administration and
additional features for the website and the server.

Hey man, did you solve the problem of their "fear" of C++? :D

As a compensation he
would like to have a bit of room for his own site there. I think that this
is a good offer as along as he also adds advertisement thingies to his
website that help to finance the server.

What do you think?

That's an idea.

Lenz has said that we can have a link on their forge site. This is something
that I strongly anticipate since this will make the project more open to the

I confess you I don't know forge site very well, yet. Do you have an URL?

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