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  • From: Kevin Zittle <z_coil@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 09:07:54 -0800

Hey Megan,

If you go onto our website,, you can see all of the Meeting Minutes, a sheet with everything we talked about. As far as major dates, you can also check the Upcoming Events section. Right now, our only event is getting a logo. We have set a March 17 deadline. Anyone can make anything they want. Then, on March 17, we will either decide we need more time or we can vote then and give the logo to Commercial Art for advertising. I think that was about it but go and check the Minutes to see in depth what we talked about.


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To whom it may concern-
I actually haven't been to two of the meetings, due to my busy schedule. If you could please update me on what has been going on, the progress, and the concerns of everything. Thank you so much!
Megan Kinney

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