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Hello everyone,
Sounds like you had a great meeting yesterday. Sorry I couldn't be there, this 
art education convention is wonderful and you all will benefit from what I have 
learned about art in the schools, AP, college admissions and new approaches in 
teaching art.  As an artist, you are very lucky to have three very good art 
teachers at your service as you learn through our art classes.
Just a few thoughts...
Art Ambassadors: Students who are interested in this program need to come to an 
informational meeting this Thursday, March 30th, during lunch in room 109.  I 
will be explaining the program in detail and arranging interviews with you. We 
will begin placing students April 7th.  
Music at the Show:Last year, I arranged for the orchestra to play (in shifts) 
during the reception.  They did not play during the ceremony. 
We should collaborate with an established music group on campus. Mr. Beck has 
mentioned the Jazz band might be able to do it. 
Which student wants to write an email to Mr. Beck requesting a 1 hour block of 
time with the Jazz band?  
Also, we can do recorded music as well, but we will miss out on getting more 
people to attend the show.
Logo:    You can draw, work on the computer, paint or collage to make a logo. 
For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a logo is a symbol that represents 
an organization, product or company.  Samples of personal logos from the 
commercial art class are in room 110 on the back wall.  You can spell out the 
words "National Art Honor Society" or use the initials. This is a huge 
contribution to the school and it may appear on other items besides the signs 
for the art show.  Shirts, cups, hats, stickers, etc.  The lucky student whose 
design gets chosen gets to see their work used repeatedly and gets to 
contribute to the MVHS community in a huge way.  
See you next week.
Miss Nock


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Hey all,

        Attached is the meeting minutes for 3/24.  Per request, I will now 
send these out after each meeting as well as posting on the web.  
Also, please go look at the new page added for signing up to paint a 
sign.  We need 16 sides of a sign to get painted by April 28!  Please 
help out if you can!

                        -Kevin Z

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