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³Sacrifices Made²
Hank McCoy and Mary Jane & Madeline Parker

Standing in the hall just outside the parlor of their private rooms, Hank
watched his wife and daughter. Cordelia sat on her knees in front of their
coffee table with her math book and padd in front of her, and her mother
sitting on the couch behind her. Hank watched as Wanda helped their daughter
through the steps of whatever problem was giving Cordelia issues, and then
brush lovingly at the little girl¹s hair. As Hank watched mother and
daughter his mind drifted to the task that lay ahead of him. He had to talk
to Mary Jane and Madeline about his research. He had to tell a mother that
she was going to loose her child either from the illness that plagued her,
or the treatment that would save her.  As he watched his wife and their
little girl he thought about how deeply it would hurt Wanda if she were to
loose Cordelia, how could he do that to Mary Jane?
He didn¹t have a choice. He had a duty to Madeline as her doctor to give her
all the facts, and the fact was that by sending her through the Kryptonite
radiation that laced the wormhole the Kents would be going home in, it would
save her life. After stealing one more glanced at Wanda and their daughter,
Hank headed for the hospital.
It had started as a burning tickle in the back of her throat but quickly
developed into a massive couching fit. Madeline held the tissue to her mouth
as she coughed, then waited for her mother to turn her back before pulling
it away. There were small splatters of blood on the tissue, which she
quickly hid under her blanket.
³Here ya go Sunshine.² Mary Jane said as she handed a cup of water to her
daughter. ³Sip this, it¹ll help.²
Madeline took the cup and did as she was told. The blood splats were new,
and to be honest it scared her, but she didn¹t want to worry her mother or
Jamie so she kept it to herself until she could talk to Dr. Hank when he
came to check on her. ³Thanks.² She said with a little rasp. ³Just my luck
to catch a cold on top of everything else.²
Mary Jane knew her daughter was trying to make light of things, to ease the
ever-growing tension, so she smiled as best she could. ³I¹m sure Dr. McCoy
will give you something for the cough.²
³Think he¹ll let Jamie bring it to me?² Madeline asked with a genuine smile.
³You really like that boy, don¹t you Sunshine?² Mary Jane asked. The only
time she ever saw a real light in her daughter¹s eyes these days was when
she was talking about Jamie Kent.
The girl blushed a little as she nodded. ³I know it¹s not really the best
thing to do with him having to go back to his own reality and all, but,
well, I¹m kind of in love with him.²
³Oh Maddie.² Mary Jane sighed as she reached out and brushed at her
daughter¹s hair.
Hank watched as Mary Jane brushed at the soft red locks of her daughter¹s
hair and it reminded him of watching Wanda do the same thing not even an
hour ago. There was a deep and genuine pain of in his chest as he knocked on
the door and walked in. ³Good evening you two.²
Madeline smiled while holding in her sigh of relief. She really didn¹t want
to think about losing Jamie, that thought was even more painful then her
impending death. ³Hi Dr. Hank.²

³Hello Dr. McCoy.² Mary Jane added. She looked at the furry blue doctor¹s
face and frowned. There was something different in his eyes today. ³Is there
something wrong?² 
³I have news.² Hank replied as he stepped closer to them. ³I¹ve been doing
some research based on something Jamie said.²
³Something Jamie said?² Madeline repeated before coughing again. Grabbing
another tissue she covered her mouth and then without looking to see if
there was any blood on it, she hid it with the others. ³What did he say?²
Hank noticed Madeline hiding the tissue and his sense of smell told him why.
Iron in the blood gave it a rather tangy smell. This wasn¹t a good sign and
if they were going to save this girl¹s life they¹d have to act sooner rather
then later. ³That you seemed to get a little better after spending time with
Madeline smiled as a blush once again colored her cheeks.
Hank pulled a padd from the pocket of his jacket and continued. ³The
radiation that¹s a normal part of your blood is what¹s preventing us from
treating the virus that¹s ailing you, it¹s counter acing or destroying the
treatments we¹ve been trying. The Kents are here because they¹ve been
poisoned by a different type of radiation, so when Jamie said you felt
better after being close to him I decided to see if there was any real merit
to that.² 


A flicker of hope bubbled in Mary Jane¹s chest as she took hold of her
daughter¹s hand. ³And? Was there?²


Hank nodded. ³The Kryptonite radiation that poisoned the Kents destroys the
virus and is not affected by the radiation in Madeline¹s blood.²


³That¹s wonderful!² Mary Jane said as she looked over at her daughter. Logan
had told her to have faith in Hank, and she had, and it had paid off.
³You¹re going to get better, baby.² Turning back to Hank Mary Jane asked,
³How do you use this Kryptonite radiation?²


³That¹s the thing.² Hank said with a sigh. ³Kryptonite isn¹t native to our
reality. It¹s acturally radiated bits of Clark¹s homeworld. The wormholes
that brought the Kents here were laced with it, which is why they were all


Though she could still feel the flutter of hope, Mary Jane also felt the
weight of despair. She had a bad feeling about where this was going. ³What
are you saying, Dr. McCoy?²


³The exposure needed to treat Maddie will need to be intense.² Hank went on.
³And the only way to do this,² He paused to look them both in the eyes
before adding, ³is to send Maddie through the wormhole with the Kents when
they return to their reality.²


³But if I go with them I¹ll have to leave my reality.² Maddie said as she
tried to process it all. She wouldn¹t have to die, she could go with Jamie,
but she¹d have to give up her family, her home to do it.


Hank nodded. 


Pain ripped through Mary Jane just as she felt the relief and hope of
knowing Madeline would survive this. Her baby would live, but she was going
to lose her anyway. The sacrifice would be worth it just to know Maddie was
alive and well. ³When are they going back?²


³Soon.² Hank replied.


³What will Maddie need to do to prepare?² Mary Jane asked.


³Mom!² Maddie said as she looked at her mother in surprise. ³I can¹t leave
you and Jenny here! I can¹t go!²


Mary Jane looked down at her daughter and in a tone she¹d rarely used with
her girls, made it known that Madeline would do as she was told. ³This is
the only way to save your life, Madeline. You¹re going with the Kents.²


³As long as they agree.² Hank added. ³I haven¹t had a chance to?²


³Jamie loves my daughter, Dr. McCoy. If this is what saves her life, he¹ll
take her.² Mary Jane cut in.


Tears welled in Madeline¹s eyes. ³Mom, no, I won¹t go!²


Mary Jane reached under the blanket and pulled out the wad of
blood-splattered tissue. ³I¹m not going to let you die, Madeline,² Mary Jane
paused for a moment. In that moment as she looked at the bloody tissue and
her weak, pale, and fragile baby girl, she knew what she had to do. ³and I¹m
not going to let you go alone.²


Surprise turned to shock. ³Mom?²


Mary Jane brushed at her daughter¹s hair. ³You¹re my little girl, Maddie,
and I should have been there more for you and your sister in the past. I¹m
not going to take this second chance for granted.² She looked up at Hank
then. ³When you talk to the Kents, make sure they know I¹m coming as well.²


³But what about Jenny?² Maddie asked.


³I¹ll call her friend Maria and let her know what¹s going on. Hopefully
she¹ll know how to reach your sister.² Mary Jane answered. ³The rest will be
up to Jenny.² 


Huge hot tears rolled down Maddie¹s cheeks.


Hank had a whole new respect for Mary Jane. She was willing to give up her
life here to be with her daughter. He could see why Logan was so found of
the woman. Standing he gave them both a nod of his furry blue head. ³I¹ll
talk to the Kents and let you know what¹s happening as soon as I can.²


³Thank you Dr. McCoy.² Mary Jane said as she held Madeline¹s hand. ³For


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