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  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 00:59:29 +0200

The program i'm going to write is a program to play jingles on our
radiostations.  11 years ago i wrote a program in DOS to play jingles on
our radiostations (6 radiostations) and this program is still so adapted
to our way of working that people still want to use it and we haven't
found another one that has has the same features.  Of course after 11
years we need some renewing (the sound cards -digigram - have no dos
drivers anymore and stuff like that) and i'm supposed to write a new
version of it.  No need to say that i don't want to look anymore at my
old code and that i want to incorporate new revolutionary ideas like
this message distribution that gives new opportunities.  I'm still not
yet in the writing phase but in the phase where i'm absorbing new ideas,
one of them is the muscled server, for database f.i. i'm very surprised
by sqlite, for the audio-library i have a few candidates and wxwidgets
(wxwindows before)  also seems to become a favourite for me.  It will be
running on windows Xp for the moment, but using crossplatform libraries
is always a good choice i think.

(The hexadecimal stuff still hasn't disappeared)



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Onderwerp: [muscle] Re: muscle client=20

> I see what you mean.  By the way, do you know why there are so many=20
> codes that are translated into HexValues in the mails of your=20
> distributionlist =3D3F  Is there a way to correct this =3D3F

Yes, that is annoying, isn't it=3D3F  I thought maybe it was just my emai=
client, but since you are seeing it too, it must be a mailing-list
server thing. I think I've found the setting to change it... we'll see
if it is better in this message.

=3D3D=3D3D=3D3D  <-- should be three equals signs, without any hex values=
> Thanks a lot for your answer, i'm always surprised to notice that=20
> people who write open-software give a better support then companies=20
> who sell software.

You're welcome.  :^)

> Where are you living =3D3F Is it in Canada (that's what i should think=20=

> when i see the name of your website).  I'm living in Belgium and=20
> working for the public radiobroadcast.

I'm in Southern California, near Los Angeles.  My company has another
office in British Columbia, which is where our web server is; hence the

Is the muscle program you are working on to be used for radio somehow=3D3=


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